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A heartfelt letter to the BRIDE-TO-BE who only wants GREAT MEMORIES of her WEDDING

YOUR WEDDING in a unique, dreamy venue in Mdina, with first class catering, freshly prepared on location.

Dear Bride-to-be,

First of all, allow me to congratulate you on your decision to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate. Understandably, you are both extremely excited about this very important stage in your life.

Right now, you probably have a million thoughts buzzing through your head about how your wedding day should play out. You’ve pictured it a thousand times already. You might already have had a look at some of the available options. And it’s quickly becoming overwhelming. You’re trying to juggle quality, location, value for money, and a budget that never seems to be big enough.

What’s worse, you’ve heard too many horror stories. Some of them have even happened to your friends and relatives. Disappointing catering (or worse, people getting sick after the wedding), poorly prepared venues, or arrogant, unhelpful hosts, are just a few of the things that have ruined the day for couples just like yourselves. Which is why this is one day when you can’t afford to take risks.

My promise to you — It will be perfect

At Bacchus, I have worked very hard to establish a rock-solid reputation, based on the ,satisfaction of countless couples whose only wish was to have the perfect wedding.

We’ve made that dream come true, each and every time.

Maybe you have been to Bacchus before. If you have, you’ve undoubtedly fallen in love with the place. Well,wait till you see it set up for your special day. I assure you I’ve seen countless weddings here. Yet, every time we host one, I get a warm feeling of satisfaction because I know we’ve outdone ourselves. And without fail, the look on the faces of our newly-weds proves me right.

The catering is prepared in-house, on location , not in a factory somewhere where standards of hygiene, raw materials and workmanship are hidden away. I want you to have peace of mind and the absolute certainty that your guests are going to be treated to excellent quality that they will enjoy.

Expert guidance to help you make the best choices within your budget

Of course, your budget isn’t unlimited — nobody’s is. That’s why I will guide you every step of the way, helping you find the right balance between quantity and variety, always at the best quality . Most importantly, your wedding will be hassle and worry-free, at a price that you can afford , so that at the end of it all, you and your guests can all walk away happy.

Ask yourself, “Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, what kind of memories do I want to have of my wedding?”

I want you to have the best memories possible. I want you to look back and say, “We had a great day, and everything went wonderfully. It was perfect”. I want you to remember this day for all the right reasons.

Best regards and best wishes,

Mario Vella Gatt
Owner - Bacchus Catering Venue

Be part of a Love Story at Bacchus

“We would like to express our appreciation and thanks for the impeccable service you offered us on our wedding day on 26-Apr-14”

Kind regards Mandy & Gabriel Camenzuli

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who shared our marriage in presence and thought! We had a magical time and are still in a trance!”

Thank you, Mel & James xxx — with James Zammit

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